Relaxing Outdoors
Welcome to The Hertford Bell Pub, where outdoor fun awaits! Our top-notch beer garden is the perfect haven for relaxation and enjoyment in nature. Immerse yourself in the splendor of our expansive outdoor area, designed to provide ample seating and surrounded by lush greenery. Whether you're seeking a sunny spot to bask in the sunshine or a shady nook to unwind, our beer garden has the perfect spot for you.

Family Friendly Pub
We take pride in catering to families, and our exceptional children's play area is a testament to that. Let your little ones unleash their energy and have a blast on our thrilling slides, swings, and other play equipment. While they have a fantastic time, you can sit back, relax, and savor your moments of tranquility. The Hertford Bell is committed to creating a family-friendly space where everyone can have a great time.

As the sun sets and the evening sets in, our beer garden transforms into a cosy oasis. Our comfortable seating is equipped with heating, ensuring you stay warm and snug even as the temperature drops. The soft, ambient lighting adds to the enchanting atmosphere, creating a perfect setting for intimate conversations or a romantic evening under the stars. Embrace the charm of our evening seating area, designed to provide a warm and inviting experience.

Summer Events
Summer at The Hertford Bell Pub is an extra special time. We elevate your outdoor experience with live music performances by talented local artists, creating a vibrant and lively ambiance. The captivating melodies will keep you entertained as you mingle with the community and make lasting memories. Stay updated on our event calendar to join us for a variety of community events that bring people together for an unforgettable time.

Beer Garden at Hertford Bell
At The Hertford Bell, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences for our guests. Our beer garden is the epitome of relaxation, where you can unwind, let your children play, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Join us in our magnificent outdoor space, where great drinks, an enchanting atmosphere, and a sense of community spirit come together. Visit The Hertford Bell and indulge in the delights of our remarkable outdoor haven.


Monday - Thursday

11.00pm - 11.00pm

Friday - Saturday
11.00am -12.00am


11.00pm - 10.30pm